Instant payday loans

Our short-term loans are available to everyone, subject to status checks. We have a flat rate of 10% for 28 days on cash loans of up to £500. There are no hidden extras or fees.

APR 295.26%

Simple and efficient loans

For a short-term loan, all you need to bring with you is your chequebook, (or your debit card if you don't have one) your guarantee card and a recent bank statement. You could have your cash in minutes.

Cheque cashing service

We're able to cash any third party cheque of any amount. The Mint is also a Western Union branch providing worldwide money transfers.


We have re-located to 6 Neville St, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 5EN


Payday loans and money transfers in Newcastle upon Tyne


Established in 1998, The Mint has been helping people with payday loans for over 13 years. Our short-term loans are probably the best rates in the area while our money transfer service is fast and efficient.

Mint Finance (NE) Ltd Company No. 04557081
0191 232 2302